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Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: Rocked by the Billionaire by Mandy Baxter

Title: Rocked by the Billionaire
Author: Mandy Baxter
Series: Billionaire's Club, book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (December 2nd)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
Bad-boy Luke “Lucifer” Blackwell is living the life. The lead singer for the rock group Riot 59 has brought him everything he could ever want—billions of dollars, endless parties, and enough groupies to last a lifetime. But when Luke’s wild life starts to wear him down, he returns home to Texas—and ends up in the arms of the one woman who’s always made his heart beat faster than a pounding drum…

Kaleigh Taylor likes being a small-town girl, so she’s always been wary of Luke Blackwell’s fast-paced life—and of Luke himself. Fully expecting never to see the sexy singer who broke her heart years before, Kaleigh is completely shocked to find him back home, avoiding the spotlight and pursuing her instead. Kaleigh knows this can’t be right—his heart was always devoted to his fans. But as they spend more and more time together, Luke is awfully convincing that his heart belongs to someone else…
Rocked by the Billionaire is the third book in the Billionaire's Club series by Mandy Baxter.

In this third installment we have rock star Luke “Lucifer” Blackwell. Luke is tired of his fast life in L.A. and needs to decompress. He takes some days off and travels to Texas to visit his family. The day he arrives he crosses path with his high school sweetheart, Kaleigh Taylor. Eight years ago Luke broke Kaleigh’s heart when he left her to pursue his music career. Despite the time apart Kaleigh has always been in Luke’s mind. She is his muse and the woman who owns his heart. Now that he has seen her again he understands he came back for her, he wants her back in his life.
Kaleigh was left completely heartbroken when Luke left. It took her more than a year to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. She’s now content with her life; she is in a relationship and she loves her job as a kindergarten teacher. Seeing Luke again has made her realize she has never stopped loving him. The only problem is she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again.

I liked Luke, I liked his voice and I liked how determined he was. He’s a sexy bad boy who knows what he wants and does everything in his power to get it.

Sadly, I didn’t like Kaleigh much. My biggest problem with her is that she was in a relationship and as soon as she sees Luke she breaks up with the boyfriend and jumps to Luke arms. There was another instance in which she behaves a bit irrational. I know that was needed to create conflict, but it made her feel a bit wishy-washy.

There is incredible chemistry between Luke and Kaleigh. The smexy scenes are scorching hot and the pages sizzle when they are together. I believe in their now, but my problem is in their long term. I don’t think Kaleigh will be able to handle Luke’s life for long and most probably he will have to leave his career for her or they will end up breaking up.

Rocked by the Billionaire is a well-written, quick, sexy, and fun story about second chances. Rocked by the Billionaire is a nice addition to the series and one I recommend to contemporary romance fans or to anyone who enjoys hot-as-hell novellas.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. Oooh geez, there's already another installment in the Billionaire's Club series? I might as well just give up now... j/k At least they are novellas, so I still have a fighting chance. Maybe over the holidays when I'm trying my darndest to ignore my in-laws. Sounds like a good plan to me!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

  2. They sure like their billionaires these days

  3. The girl sounds like an S-word, I'm surprised you gave this 4 paws! I guess the smexxy made up for Kaleigh?

  4. I enjoyed my first listen by this author, I like her style, I just hope they get a more suitable narrator for this series if they decided to publish it on audio.
    I think I could enjoy this.

  5. I am a little behind in my Mandy Baxter reading. Meaning, I have not read this series yet lol. Not sure about the heroine in this book, from what you say, but I'll probably read these books eventually anyways. :)


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