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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Off Tuesday: Quarterback Draw by Jaci Burton

Today is Tuesday! You know what that means? Yes, today is that special day in the week when we can treat our eyes to some delicious eye candy. It’s Top Off Tuesday! Top Off Tuesday is a feature hosted by Felicia from The Geeky Book Blogger's Book Blog, Amanda from On a Book Bender, and Christi from Smitten with Reading.

Today I have a 2015 cover for you, the cover of Quarterback Draw. Quarterback Draw is the ninth book in the Play by Play series by Jaci Burton. Jaci Burton is one lucky writer, all of her covers are hot as hell and Quarterback Draw is not an exception.

Playing For Keeps

Grant Cassidy knows how to be a football star—flash that dazzling smile, throw the winning pass, get the girl. But while the hot quarterback loves the game and the lifestyle, no woman has come close to catching his heart. Then he matches wits with a smart, gorgeous model, and Grant finds himself wanting more than a fling.

Supermodel Katrina Koslova might live in a world of glitz and camera flashes, but she works hard to provide for the family that relies on her. She doesn’t have time for fun—much less a boyfriend—but Grant seems determined to be the exception to Katrina’s rule.

Their explosive chemistry is undeniable, but Katrina’s afraid to let go and rely on anyone but herself. Grant intends to ease her fears and prove he’s a man of style and substance.
If you also want to participate on Top Off Tuesday head over to Felicia’s blog to share your link or just to see which other blogs are participating.


  1. No doubt about it...Jaci Burton's covers are ALWAYS Top Off Tuesday-worthy...and I love her for it. Great choice! smiles...

  2. Hockey is more my style as opposed to football; however even *I* can admit that as a general rule the guys that play the latter are hotter, or at the very least have all of their teeth. LMAO! Happy (almost) 2015!

  3. Some of these top off covers I would really like to see the bottom off too. LOL


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