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Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Stealing Marilyn Monroe by Sophie Warren

Title: Stealing Marilyn Monroe
Author: Sophie Warren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
Juliet Chadwick has it all—a job at a New York art gallery, a great boyfriend, and a long-term career in the family business: theft. But unlike her father, Juliet plays it safe, sticking to small-time art heists and always covering her tracks. Until one day when her father’s creditors show up, demanding that she pay off his debts—or else.

And so Juliet comes up with a desperate plan, the greatest con she’s ever attempted: She’s going to steal Andy Warhol’s famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe from bachelor billionaire Edward Aster. All she’ll have to do is pose as the Aster family’s new nanny until she can get her hands on the painting. How hard can it be?

But all too quickly, Juliet finds herself falling in love with Edward’s children, and maybe even with Edward himself. Can she bring herself to pull off the ultimate theft—if it means stealing from a man who’s stolen her heart?
Growing up Juliet Chadwick knew her father wasn’t a conventional father; she also knew he was an art thief. Although some days she wished he had a 9 to 5 job, she also knew he was a great father who was always there for her when she needed him.
From her father Juliet learned to love art; so much, she studied art in college. Since her graduation she has been working in galleries. Her jobs usually don’t last long, because of mistakes she makes, mistakes in which art is always lost; but it’s not lost, it’s all in Juliet’s home. She has a rob ethic, she only robs pieces she thinks are been unappreciated. She also doesn’t feel bad for doing it because all the pieces are insured, so the galleries don’t lose any money.
Everything is going well in her life, until the day she has an unexpected visitor. Her father has been gambling in prison - he was caught stealing couple of years back – and now she needs to come up with the money he owns of her father will pay with his life.
Her little collection of stolen art doesn’t add too much; she needs to get her hands on something famous and costly.
After some research, she learns billionaire widower Edward Aster has just acquired the famous Marilyn by Andy Warhol, the perfect piece to pay the debt and more. She also learns his new nanny is starting in couple of days. That’s the perfect opportunity to infiltrate his house… and how difficult will it be to take care of a ten year-old girl and four year-old twins boys?

Even though Juliet is a thief it is very easy to like her and in a way understand her actions. She loves art and was raised by an art thief. Because of her unconventional upbringing in her head and heart the grey areas are kind of vast.
Despite being a thief, she is a good and caring woman at heart. Seeing her falling in love with Edward’s kids was really sweet and moving, because in them (and Edward) she found the family she never had.

On the beginning, Edward is difficult to understand, sometimes he seems playful and others a bit uptight. When he starts to loosen up a little bit it was easy to see his uptightness was the way he found to control his life after the death of his wife.
One thing I really liked about him was that he was a really good father. It was very easy to feel his love for his kids.

Since their first encounter there is an obvious chemistry between Juliet and Edward, but the last thing they want is to become the nanny-boss cliché, so they do their best to keep their distance, until the moment they can’t keep their distance anymore and succumb to their attraction.
It’s not an easy relationship, thus it doesn’t start well. Edward is afraid of what it will mean for the kids and how it will affect them and Juliet is worried because of her secrets and especially because she needs to rob him to save her father’s life.

Sophie Warren does an excellent job with the kids. The twins are really sweet and mischievous and behave exactly like a four year old should behave. The girl, Cecilia, was one of my favorite characters. She’s ten going on thirty. She’s very serious and mature for her age, but still deep inside she’s a little girl in need of love and attention. Since her mom’s death she has taken on her shoulders the responsibility to take care for her little brothers. It was really sweet to see her interacting with them. I also really loved her connection with Juliet.

Stealing Marilyn Monroe by Sophie Warren was a really nice surprised. If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I’m happy Sophie Warren proved me wrong.
Stealing Marilyn Monroe is a cute, fun and sweet story about what we are willing to do in the name of love.

I recommend Stealing Marilyn Monroe to contemporary romance fans. I'm looking forward to read more book by Sophie Warren.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. Some of my favourite characters are thieves, so I don't have a problem with that trait at all, and the fact that Juliet has so many gray areas to her because of her upbringing makes her all the more interesting. I don't usually enjoy kids in books, so it's good that in this particular instance Warren turned them into a fun addiction to the story.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    1. I'm also not crazy about kids in stories, but they really worked well on this one.

  2. I will have to recommend this to a friend of mine. I love thieves but contemp romance is not my favorite genre. Still this might be fun :)

    1. It was different. I hope your friend likes it.

  3. Sounds like fun, I enjoy a good heist and the twins sound super adorable!

    1. They were adorable, but my favorite was the girl. She was great!


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