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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hot Off the Press: March 31st Releases

March 31st

TwistKaren AkinsLoop #2YA/Sci Fi
A Kiss to Build a Dream OnKim Amos White Pine #1Contemporary Romance
Fall With MeJennifer L. Armentrout Wait for You #4NA
Force of AttractionD.D. AyresK-9 Rescue #2Romantic Suspense
The Diamond ConspiracyPhilippa Ballantine & Tee MorrisMinistry of Peculiar Occurrences #4Sci Fi/Steampunk
Sea of StarsAmy A. BartolKricket #2YA/Sci Fi
The Second SisterMarie Bostwick Women's Fiction
The Voyage of the BasiliskMarie BrennanMemoir by Lady Trent #3Fantasy
The Skull ThronePeter V. BrettDemon Cycle #4Fantasy
The Cemetery BoysHeather BrewerYA
Love After AllJaci BurtonHope #4Contemporary Romance
HellbenderDana CameronFangborn #3UF
The One That Got AwayBethany ChaseWomen's Fiction
DecorumKaaren ChristophersonHistorical Fiction
The Day We MetRowan Coleman Women's Fiction
Little Beach Street BakeryJenny ColganLittle Beach Street Bakery #1Women's Fiction
A Good Rake is Hard to FindManda Collins Lords of Anarchy #1Historical Romance
Alien Resurrection: The Official Movie NovelizationA.C. CrispinSci Fi
Sisters of Blood and Spirit Kady Cross Sisters of Blood and Spirit #1YA
King of Thieves - Star RogueEvan CurrieOdyssey One #5Sci Fi
Texas Bossa NovaCynthia D'AlbaTexas Montgomery Mavericks #5Contemporary Romance
Driving HeatZury DayThe Blue-Collar Lover #1Contemporary Romance
Lords of an Empty LandRandy DenmonHistorical Romance
BrokenCynthia EdenLost #1Romantic Suspense
Scandalously YoursCara ElliottHellions of High Street #1Historical Romance
Holding StrongLori FosterUltimate #2Contemporary Romance
Cursed by IceJacquelyn FrankImmortal Brothers #2PNR
Etherworld Claudia Gabel & Cheryl KlamElusion #2YA
Every Move She Makes Jannine Gallant Who's Watching Now #1Romantic Suspense
The Memory HouseLinda GoodnightRomance/Historical Fiction
The Dead Play OnHeather GrahamCafferty and Quinn #3Mystery/Paranormal
Night's BlazeDonna GrantDark Kings #5PNR
Night's Blaze: Part 4Donna GrantDark Kings #5.4PNR
At the Water's EdgeSara GruenHistorical Fiction
Where Sea Meets SkyKarina HalleNA
Storm WarnedDani HarperGrim #3PNR
The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire Molly HarperHalf Moon Hollow #3PNR
Nobody's AngelSarah Hegger Willow Park #1Contemporary Romance
A Hope RememberedStacy Henrie Of Love and War #3Historical Fiction
FirestormNancy HolznerDeadtown #6UF
The SlayerBrenda HuberChronicles of the Fallen #1PNR
Darkness EternalAlexandra Ivy Guardians of Eternity #7.5PNR
Four Nights with the DukeEloisa James Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers #2Historical Romance
The VoidTimothy S. Johnston The Tanner Sequence #3Sci Fi
A Ghostly GraveTonya KappesGhostly Southern Mysteries #2Mystery/Paranormal
InstinctSherrilyn KenyonChronicles of Nick #6YA
The UnleashingShelly LaurenstonCall Of Crows #1PNR
It Started with a ScandalJulie Anne LongPennyroyal Green #10Historical Romance
Marked Fur MurderDixie LyleWhiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #3Mystery/Paranormal
The Bellbottom IncidentNeve MaslakovicThe Incident #3Sci Fi/Time Travel
RecurveShannon MayerThe Elemental Series #1UF
Her Highland FlingJennifer McQuiston Second Sons #2.5Historical Romance
Throne of DarknessDouglas NicholasSomething Red #3Fantasy
This Heart of MineBrenda Novak Whiskey Creek #8Contemporary Romance
KingEllen OhThe Dragon King Chronicles #3YA/Fantasy
The Wicked Will RiseDanielle Paige Dorothy Must Die #2YA/Fantasy
If We Lived HereLindsey PalmerWomen's Fiction
Tails, You LoseCarol J. PerryWitch City Mystery #2Mystery/Paranormal
PoisonSarah PinboroughTales from the Kingdoms #1Fantasy
The Originals: The LossJulie PlecThe Originals #2Fiction/Paranormal/Vampires
The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregorPaula QuinnThe MacGregors: Highland Heirs #3Historical Romance
OmegaS.M. Reine War of the Alphas #1UF
The VirginTiffany Reisz The Original Sinners: White Years #3Romance/Erotica/BDSM
DeceptionD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #9UF
Savage Chains Caris RoaneMen in Chains #1.5-1.7PNR
Separation ZoneMandy M. RothImmortal Ops #7PNR
When It's RightJennifer Ryan Montana Men #2Contemporary Romance
Being EmeraldSylvia RyanNew Atlanta #3Romance/Dystopian
Wild HeartsSharon SalaSecrets and Lies #1Romantic Suspense
Devil's MoonAmanda ScottBorder Nights #2Historical Romance
No Ordinary BillionaireJ.S. ScottThe Sinclairs #1Contemporary Romance
It's Always Been YouJessica ScottComing Home #5Contemporary Romance
The Closer You ComeGena Showalter The Original Heartbreakers #1Contemporary Romance
The Courtesan DuchessJoanna Shupe Wicked Deceptions #1Historical Romance
Spark XJessica SorensenDeath Collectors #2.5NA/Paranormal
SparkJessica SorensenDeath Collectors #2.5YA/Paranormal
The ShadowsJ.R. WardBlack Dagger Brotherhood #13PNR
Hard as a RockChristine WarrenGargoyles #3PNR
Part Time CowboyMaisey YatesCopper Ridge #1Contemporary Romance
Total SurrenderRebecca ZanettiSin Brothers #4Romantic Suspense

Contemporary Romance
Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
New Adult
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Women's Fiction
Young Adult

Monday, March 30, 2015

Early Review: Normal by Graeme Cameron

Title: Normal
Author: Graeme Cameron
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Dark Humor
Publisher: MIRA
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
This is a love story. No, really.

He lives in your community, in a nice house with a well-tended garden. He shops in your grocery store, bumping shoulders with you as you pass him and apologizing with a smile. He drives beside you on the highway, politely waving to let you into the lane ahead of him.

What you don't know is that he has an elaborate cage built into a secret basement under his garage. And the food that he's carefully shopping for is to feed a young woman he's holding there against her will--one in a string of many, unaware of the fate that awaits her.

This is how it's been for a long time. It's normal...and it works. Perfectly.

Then he meets the checkout girl from the 24-hour grocery. And now the plan, the hunts, the room...the others. He doesn't need any of them anymore. He needs only her. One small problem--he still has someone trapped in his garage.

Discovering his humanity couldn't have come at a worse time.
NORMAL by Graeme Cameron is not your usual thriller or serial killer book, it’s a lot more.

We meet our nameless antihero just minutes after he has killed a young woman and is “forced” to kidnap another when she discovers him leaving the house of the victim. This new victim, Erica, he takes to his home, to the cage in his well-designed and hidden basement. The last thing he was planning was to have a new “guest”, but he is good at improvising. While getting food for his guest at the 24-hour supermarket he meets a woman to whom he feels a connection with and the surprising part is that he doesn’t feel the urge to kill her. This is a first to him. He would like to explore the connection a bit more, the only problem is he still has Erica in the cage, and if he’s honest with himself, he doesn’t want to kill her. What’s going on with him? While he’s exploring these newfound feelings that have him out of sorts, he commits other crimes. He makes a stupid mistake and now the police have him on their radar. They suspect him, but they don’t have anything on him. Unless he makes another mistake, he will be okay.

Cameron gives us a nameless psychopath, shows us front row the atrocious deeds he commits and to our surprise make us sympathize with him and even more surprising makes us root for him and wish him the happy ending he So-Not deserves.

Cameron doesn’t give us much about “our” killer, we don’t know his name, what he looks like or which job he does. He could be our neighbor, our cousin, our friend or anyone. We don’t know his motives or what tickles him. We only know he has urges that make him kill. When we think we have seen all the awful things he can possible do Cameron throws us a curveball and shows us things are even worse. Still, despise all that, he makes him a sympathetic antihero, one you can’t help but empathize with and at the end it makes you feel wrong with yourself because you end up rooting for a serial killer.

The female characters are all unique and they bring much diversity and complexity to the story. From Erica the victim who becomes much more, to Annie the understanding friend, to Rachel the girlfriend who might be more broken than our antihero, to Green, the policewoman who knows there is more than meets the eye.

I had some serious problems with the formatting of the book. I read an early copy so I’m blaming it on that. I really hope the final copy is better defined because I had trouble noticing changes of scenes; so much, couple of times I had to go back and read some pages again to understand when the change happened. But like I said, I think this was a problem of an early copy and I’m not taking this in consideration in my rating.

NORMAL is a book that should be serious and traumatic, but it is not. NORMAL is a weird book with gore galore, twisted dark humor and the perfect antihero. NORMAL is a book that will push your boundaries and will make you reconsider what you thought to be good and bad. NORMAL will make you laugh, cringe and question your sanity, because how is it possible for you to root for a killer, especially after you have seen all the things he has done and all the lives he has destroyed.

Graeme Cameron really surprised me with this debut novel. NORMAL was everything I was expecting it to be and more. I highly recommend NORMAL, just read it with an open mind and you will have hours of brilliant entertainment.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Movie Trailer: Spectre - 007

In SPECTRE, a cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Directed by Sam Mendes, with a script penned by John Logan, Spectre stars Daniel Craig, Monica Belluci (The Matrix Revolutions), Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter), Ben Wishaw (Skyfall), Léa Seydoux (La Belle et la Bête), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Christoph Waltz (The Zero Theorem), Naomie Harris (Skyfall), Rory Kinnear (Penny Dreadful) and Andrew Scott (Sherlock).


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