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Friday, May 1, 2015

Review: Love in a Time of Monsters by Teresa Yea

Title: Love in a Time of Monsters
Author: Teresa Yea
Series: Golden Age of Monsters, book 1
Genre: NA, Fantasy, Historical, Gothic
Publisher: Broken E Publishing
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
He has a monster problem

Scotland, 1867. When Rob Stevenson’s brother is killed—and eaten—in the forest outside their estate, Rob’s sheltered world is shattered by a monster infestation. Determined to keep his village safe, Rob's first duty as laird involves hiring a professional hunter.

She kills monsters

The sole survivor of a massacre in the Congo, Catriona Mornay is rumored to have lost her mind in the jungle. In Edinburgh’s gas-lit streets, Cat’s skill as a hunter is unmatched. Her reputation as a killer of unnatural creatures, legendary.

Two worlds collide

Faced with a rising body count, Rob takes a chance on Cat, hoping that somewhere inside this tortured yet charismatic girl is the hero he’s been searching for. But in this shadow realm of secrets, lies, and underworld crime, their lives overlap in more ways than one. And in an age where harpies flock the sky and serpents rule the sea, it’s even possible for a boy and his hunter to fall in love.

But can their love survive in a time of monsters?
Love in a Time of Monsters is the first book in the Golden Age of Monsters series by Teresa Yea.

I have said before and I say again, I’m a book cover whore. I let books with beautiful covers crawl into my TBR, books that maybe I wouldn’t have read if their covers weren’t that appealing. This book was one of those cases. As soon as I saw the cover I wanted to read it, then I read the blurb and thought this book was made for me. Sadly, it wasn’t. Why? Because it was not what I was expecting it to be. I was expecting monsters and a kickass heroine. Although I got some monsters I didn’t get the kickass heroine. I got a junkie girl who didn’t know up from down. A girl that lived from high to high and who messed up one too many times due to her out of control addiction. Messes that had dire consequences for others but not for her. Even though I wanted to like Cat I couldn’t do it. She had more negatives on her favor than positives and I couldn’t see the good people saw in her. I only saw a broken girl governed by her addiction. Of course she was better at the end, but by then it was a little too late for me.

Rob was a too good to be true hero. He is weak due to an illness and only sees the good in people. People walk all over him, including his very young sister and he allows it. Most of the time I was kind of undecided about what to feel about him, but at the end he suddenly transforms from doormat to Casanova, something that was completely out of character for him; sadly that change made me dislike him.

I didn’t notice at what time Cat and Rob felt in love. They just go from barely standing each other to madly in love in a blink of a page. I wish their romance had been more believable.

Apart from Rob, Teresa Yay tried to give all her characters dual trails, evil and good, to keep the reader wondering what to believe about them. In some cases she succeeds, like with Liam, in others she greatly fails, yes, Cat, I’m talking about you. I can’t say much about Liam without giving spoilers away, I can only say he was my favorite character from the book.

The story goes back and forth from present to past, in some parts it works; in others it felt all over the place. There were some good parts and some twists that kept me interested in the story and others that made me put the book down and take some time off from reading it.

I can say that the world building was the best part of Love in a Time of Monsters. The Victorian setting with a Gothic feeling and some interesting monsters was in a way what kept me reading.

I really wanted to like Love in a Time of Monsters and I kept waiting for it to get better and even though it took me five days to finish it, I finish it, and despite liking some parts, in general Love in a Time of Monsters was a bit of a letdown for me, but –yes, there is a but here- most people who read Love in a Time of Monsters liked it, so take my words with a grain of salt, read it and decide for yourself.

My Verdict: 3 Paws
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  1. It looks like that wicked cover

  2. Yup, very Elphaba... I was ready to jump on this then I saw TSTL so I'll pass!

  3. My last listen has me totally conflicted about drug use in books! I LOVED the writing, the author is truly talented that way, she's got a poetic writing style that is hard not to fall in love with, but my prejudices agaisnt drug use stopped me from loving the story.. I don't know how I feel really... Not yet. but I know what you mean, I prefer not to have junkies in my reads (unless they are Cabernet Sauvignon junkies like me! LOL)
    So I definitely don't think this is for me, sounds like a mess in top of a subject I'm not to kin about.


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