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Monday, June 15, 2015

Audiobook Review: Blown by Chuck Barrett

Title: Blown
Author: Chuck Barrett
Narrated by: Marc Vietor
Series: Gregg Kaplan, book 1
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Audible Studios
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: Audiobook
Length: 8 hrs and 35 mins
Gregg Kaplan is not an ordinary man, but a man with special skills, courtesy of the United States Government.

His assignment is to stay off the grid when he innocently stumbles into a blown witness protection detail in Little Rock, Arkansas. He simply could not walk away from the impending mayhem.

After the dust settles, a mortally wounded Deputy U.S. Marshal makes him promise to personally deliver the witness to a U.S. Marshals Service safe site.

Not just a promise, an oath. A pledge between ex-Army Delta Force comrades.A trust that could not be broken—Once in, never out.

Kaplan soon suspects the witness he vowed to protect has secrets of his own; secrets that go beyond his testimony for the U.S. government. When he discovers the witness is being tracked, Kaplan teams with a WitSec Deputy U.S. Marshal assigned to recover the witness, but soon realizes some merciless people are dead set on preventing the witness from reaching the safe site.

But the witness has a hidden agenda of his own—One that could cost Kaplan his life.
BLOWN is the first (audio)book in the Gregg Kaplan series by Chuck Barrett and it’s narrated by Marc Vietor.

Lately I’ve been in the thriller mood; when I read -the very explicit- blurb for this audiobook I thought I have found a perfect listen, but soon after I started this audiobook I started to have problems with it. First, the story is told by many different POVs and every time there was a change of character I was lost. I had to go back and re-listen 20 seconds or sometimes more to see when the change of character occurred. That happened many times and it seriously disrupted my enjoyment of the story.

Secondly, the characters felt a bit too flat and very similar. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t notice the change of characters exactly at the moment when they occurred, but much later. And I don’t know how many times Gregg Kaplan reminded us of the promise he made to the Deputy U.S. Marshal, but it was one or two or three too many, that’s for sure.

Apart for that, the story is interesting and it has non-stop action. The fighting scenes are well coordinated and there were couple of twists and turns that I really liked.

One thing I noticed is that people who read this book loved it, while people who listened to this audiobook didn’t like it much. I don’t know, although the voices of the characters were very similar, I thought Marc Vietor did a decent job, but now I can’t help but wonder if I would have enjoyed this book more if I had read it instead of listening to the audio.
Will I listen to next book in the series? I’m not sure; I think I’ll wait for some (audiobook) reviews to then decide.

My Story Verdict: 3 ½ Paws
My Narration verdict: 3 Paws
My Overall Verdict: 3 Paws

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