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Friday, June 26, 2015

Re-Post: 10 Reasons to Love Audiobooks by Lupdilup From Hot Listens

June is Audiobook Month and I didn't want to let it pass without sharing my love of audiobooks with you. While thinking about what to write I remember a post Loupe from Hot Listens wrote for my blog for Audiobook Month in 2012 and I thought what a better person to tell you why to love audiobooks than the person who converted me to an audiobook lover. Without further ado, here is the post from June 6th 2012.

Couple of months ago thanks to Loupe (@Lupdilup) from Hot Listens I discovered the magic world of audiobooks. I still read regular books/ebooks but nowadays I always have an audiobook handy on my phone. Now that I'm a proud audiobook lover and with June being the audiobook month and all that I want you to learn about them and, why not, maybe give them a try; for that reason I invited Loupe over to my blog, what a better person to talk about her love for audiobooks than the person who introduced me to them, now I leave you with Loupe.

First I like to tell you how I discovered audiobooks. Back in 2008 a friend of mine asked... well, she demanded that I read the Twilight book, and to say that I was rolling my eyes at her request would be an understatement. To that point it had been years since I had picked up a book, and my reading preferences to that point were mysteries and crime novels, I remember reading everything Anne Rule used to publish.

So finally one night I was bored out of my mind and decided to start reading the dam book, Twilight. Well, I didn't get off the couch for 3 days except to go find the next book in the series - and so my love affair with paranormal romance began, unfortunately my family was paying the price for my new addiction, you see, I’m a compulsive reader, if I begin to read a book and I like it, I can not put it down until I finish, so that meant seven hours of sitting on the couch while everything else around me was being neglected, I know books are the greatest thing ever, but and an addiction is an addiction, and inevitably it would have a price, and my case the price was too high, my family and my health, sounds so dramatic, I know, but it is just the truth.

Surfing around the net I came across, that immediately grabbed my attention, and I decided to check it out. That same day I signed up for a membership and the first book I downloaded, do you have to guess? Yes it was Twilight.

A great new way to enjoy the books I love was open to me, and I never looked back.

So here are my 10 top reasons why I love audiobooks.

1. Making that trip to the supermarket has never been better in the company of one the BDB brothers.

2. Folding the laundry while Kate Daniels kicks some buddy, will only energized you, and before you know it, the whole pile is folded a properly put away.

3. My ability concentrate in two different tasks has tremendously improved.

4. A healthier way of life, I lost the 15 lbs. I put on while I was just sitting and reading.

5. A terrific way to tune out some of the unpleasant water cooler conversations at work.

6. Never having to be grouch-making dinner for the family because now I can do it all while I’m lost somewhere in Edinburg, Ireland.

7. Exercising while Barrons, Curran, Jaime, Wrath, Terrible, and all my other boyfriends take me to their sexy endeavors.

8. Driving is never a hustle, and being stuck in traffic is never frustrating, because my heroes and heroines are getting busy kicking ass and ridding the world of evil.

9. Listening to Barrons (Fever series) tell Mac “ Don’t leave me rainbow girl” or “ I don’t do hypotheticals little girl”.

10. Having two free hands to do other things...Need I say more?
Loupe is hosting an amazing giveaway on her blog in which you can win a year of audiobooks. Yes, you read right, a whole year of audiobooks. To participate go Here. Good luck to you all!


  1. I posted a comment, but it disappeared...My computer is acting up.
    This is blast from the past :) All those reasons still are true today, but now I have to add, biting my nails in suspense while doing the most boring chores around the house...LOL We love our mysteries!
    I'm so happy you love audiobooks as much as I do!

    1. Yes! We are loving our mysteries and thrillers... It's funny how our taste in books/audiobooks change with time. :)

  2. I am so jealous of you, audiophiles! For the life of me, I can't get into it! I get distracted or I focus on folding laundry and cooking over what the narrator is saying. Fail!

    1. That's so sad. Audiobooks make my life easier, especially when doing household chores.

  3. WHile shopping? Huh..I could try that


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