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Friday, June 12, 2015

Review: Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler

Title: Southern Solstice
Author: Sarah Sadler
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Blue French Press
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
As rich and distinctive as the Lowcountry itself, Southern Solstice presents a clever and charismatic journey of love, heartache, adaptation and emotional fortitude as told through a patina of family heritage.

When twenty-four-year-old Larken Devereaux is left brokenhearted by her fiancé on the West Coast, she reluctantly returns to her charmed aristocratic roots in Charleston, South Carolina to rebuild her life and gain self-determination in a prominent southern family that offers everything and requires nothing.

As her impetuous mother orchestrates a reunion with a first love, Larken becomes entangled in a dilemma where she must choose between an intriguing, passionate plastic surgeon—who is anything but superficial—and the annoyingly irresistible man who has silently loved her forever.
Larken Devereaux was completely blindsided when her fiancĂ© broke their engagement. Without any reason to stay in Seattle, she returns to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Being back is good and bad. Larken wants to lay low, but being part of Charleston society doesn’t allow her to do it. Especially when her mom is always pushing her to attend social events and to spend time with her first love and family friend, Jackson.
Larken wants to stand on her two feet and not depend of her mother and her connections. She wants to do something for herself and with that in mind she finds a job working at a doctor’s office. Working for Dr. Miles is more than she was expecting, not only her job is satisfying, but also Miles shows her a world she didn’t know exist, a world that makes her want to be better.
Larken needs to decide what she really want to do with her life and whom she really wants in her life. The problem is there are external factors that are controlling her life without her knowing and to add to that, her overbearing mother, trying to do what she thinks is best for Larken, makes everything harder and complicated for her. Luckily for Larken she has the support of her grandmother, Lil, and Brat, their Estate Manager and friend.

Although Larken is a high society woman, born into an aristocratic family, it was easy to identify with her. Her pain, joys, and achievements felt real; this made it easy to connect with her and to see her world through her eyes. I couldn’t help but to cheer for her and wish her to find the happiness she so much deserved.

I can’t say much about her love interests without giving spoilers away. The only thing I can’t say is that they couldn’t be more different from the other and that people sometimes surprises you and not always in a positive way.

I liked all the secondary characters, but Larken’s grandmother, Lil, and Brat, the Estate Manager were my favorites. I loved how supporting and understanding Lil was, not only of Larken, but also of her own daughter, Bunny (Larken’s mother). I loved how she always had a wise word to share or a delicious food to comfort Larken when she needed it most.
Brat is a quiet character, but with a strong presence. He was also very wise and it was clear he loved Larken like a daughter. I couldn’t help but wish Bunny will see him for the man he was, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
Bunny is a difficult character to like because of her overbearing personality. I liked some things about her and others made felt sorry for her. The one thing that was clear it was that everything she did she did for her love for Larken, even though sometimes she was in the wrong.

I really loved everything about Southern Solstice. I love its characters, the flawed and not so flowed ones. I loved the beautiful setting of Charleston, South Carolina and how Sadler brought to life the Southern culture and Southern life with her words. I loved the surprises she wove into the story and the little twists and turns I didn’t see coming.

I love when books surprise me, when they make me get lost in their stories and in their worlds, Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler was one of those books.

I’m always in the search of the perfect summer read, that book that will transport me to a different place and made me love its characters and its world. I think I found that book. Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler was everything I was expecting it to be and more. I highly recommend it.

My verdict: 4 ½  Paws
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