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Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: Torn Sky by Tracy Banghart

Title: Torn Sky
Author: Tracy Banghart
Series: Rebel Wing, book 3
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
The end is near . . .

When Aris Haan brought down Safara’s biggest war criminal, she’d thought it was a turning point in the war. Victory was on the horizon, as was a peaceful future with her Promised, Milek.

But a deadly new threat has emerged: a Safaran bomb that could wipe out all of Atalanta in one catastrophic blast. Aris is tasked with finding the weapon before it is completed, a mission made more difficult when she starts to suspect that there is a Safaran spy in her unit. Friendships are tested, loyalties are strained, and suddenly Aris no longer knows whom she can trust.

In the epic conclusion to the Rebel Wing series, Atalanta’s fate rests on Aris’s shoulders. Can she find the bomb before it destroys everything—and everyone—she loves?
Torn Sky is the third and last book in the Rebel Wing trilogy by Tracy Banghart.

Torn Sky starts couple of weeks after the events in Storm Fall (second book). Women are now serving openly in the military, the war with Safara is still going on and Aris and Milek are officially a couple; but there is no respite for them with the imminent threat of a powerful bomb that could wipe out all humans of Atalanta. The problem is the Safarans are one step ahead of them, it looks like the Atalantas have a spy on their midst, a spy that is not only reporting all their plans and giving away top secret information, but is also helping them plant bombs in key military locations. With the help on an unexpected ally, the Atalantas may have enough help to finally find the bomb and end the war. But things are never easy, especially for Aris and Milek.

Although I like Torn Sky, I felt it was missing some of the magic of previous books, especially relating to Aris and Milek. There was development in their relationship, but there was not development in their characters. I wish I had seen some kind of growth in their personalities, but maybe they are just where they have to be, I don’t know.

Banghart doesn’t shy away in this installment. The stakes are high and the price to pay is high as well. There is suffering galore and deaths a plenty. Despite guessing who was the spy since the very beginning, it was still good seeing that person deal with remorse and the consequences of his/her actions.

Secondary characters we love like Dysis, Jax and Calix are front and center in this installment. I loved the participation they had in the story and how elemental they were in the resolution. I also loved the way things are left for them.

The first part of the book is a bit slow going, but the second part is non-stop action. Banghart expertly closes all the open links from previous books and leaves the story and its characters in a good place, with the hope of a better future to come for all of them.

Torn Sky is a good addition and a good conclusion to a great series. I recommend this trilogy to YA Sci-Fi fans.
These books don’t work as stand alones; they should be read in order to understand all the undercurrents of the story.
I’m looking forward to reading new books by Tracy Banghart.

My Verdict: 4 Paws
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  1. I think my friend's daughter would love this series. Gonna send her over here!

  2. I have been getting into lately, so I am intrigued


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