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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Taking Some Days Off

Thursday is my birthday, my 40th birthday! OMG! I’m going to be 40!! 
Couple of weeks ago, when I was thinking what to do for my birthday (dinner, party, drinks?), DH asked me how I would really like to celebrate my birthday? And without thinking much, I realized I didn’t want a party or anything like it, what I really wanted was to be on a nice beach, taking sun, drinking cocktails, and eating delicious food and that’s exactly how I’m going to celebrate it. Today we are leaving on our Marcela’s 40th Birthday Vacation Celebration in which I’m hoping to do just that. 

I want to disconnect completely from everything and simply enjoy this week, for that reason I won’t be blogging these days. I will be back on Monday August 24th with the review of Breakout by Ann Aguirre.

Have a nice week and see you on Monday!


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