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Monday, October 19, 2015

Early Review: The Billionaire Takes a Bride by Jessica Clare

Title: The Billionaire Takes a Bride
Author: Jessica Clare
Series: Billionaires and Bridesmaids,
book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: InterMix (October 20th)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
Billionaire Sebastian Cabral loves his family, he just doesn’t love their reality TV show, The Cabral Empire. So when his ex-girlfriend tries to rekindle their relationship on camera, Sebastian decides that drastic measures are in order.

By day, Chelsea Hall is a happy-go-lucky, rough and tumble roller derby skater. By night, she’s still living in fear of her past. Most of all, she just doesn’t want to be alone. And she really, really doesn’t want to date.

So when their mutual friends’ upcoming wedding turns Chelsea and Sebastian into fast friends, they realize they can solve both of their problems with one life-changing lie: a quick trip down the aisle.

But with one kiss, Chelsea and Sebastian suddenly realize that their pretend relationship is more real than either of them expected…
The Billionaire Takes a Bride is the third book in the Billionaires and Bridesmaids series by Jessica Clare.

The last thing Chelsea Hall wanted was to be part of a bridal party, but when her college friend, Gretchen, asked her to be a bridesmaid she couldn’t say no. In her future are many dinners, parties and other social engagements she doesn’t know how she’s going to survive; that’s until she meets Sebastian Cabral, the groomsman Gretchen has paired her with.
Since a very traumatic experienced three years ago, Chelsea doesn’t feel comfortable around men, but for some reason Sebastian is different. She doesn’t feel like she needs to run away when she’s with him. Maybe being paired with him wasn’t too bad after all.
Since the moment his family started with the reality TV show Sebastian is weary of women getting close to him just to get notoriety, the last thing he wants is another fame-obsessed girlfriend like his ex. The same ex his mom is planning to bring back to the show to increase drama and ratings.
Sebastian is surprised how different Chelsea is from the women that usually approach him. She is down to earth and couldn’t care less about being a celebrity.
After couple of encounters, Chelsea realizes Sebastian is the solution to her problems, if they pretend to be together no other man will approach her and Sebastian will also be safe from unwanted attention. Sebastian thinks Chelsea’s plan is brilliant, but he wants to go a step further. He proposes Chelsea to get married, like this she will have a ring on her hand to protect her from male attention and he will have a wife, that will stop the ex plot line in the TV show. They get along pretty well; pretending to be married for two years won’t be a hardship.
The more time they spend together the closest they are getting and with that closeness feelings are starting to arise between them. The problem is Chelsea hasn’t been able to overcome her trauma and although she’s comfortable with Sebastian she can’t be intimate with him.

Sebastian is a Beta hero, I usually like my alpha heroes, but with his soft heart and great intentions Sebastian stole my heart. I liked that he loves his family despite them being the way they are. I liked that he was protective of his friends and of Chelsea. I loved his patience and understanding of Chelsea’s limitations. He really was a swoon worthy hero.

In general, I liked Chelsea. I liked that despite her trauma she wanted to be strong. I liked that she found strength in her roller derby skater persona, but at times it felt as if she were two different persons, the scare-of-everything-daytime Chelsea and the kickass-nighttime skater.
Another thing I didn’t like much was that she worked hard to overcome her trauma not because of her, but because she wanted to be the wife “Sebastian deserved”.

Chelsea and Sebastian’s relationship was believable. They start as friends and that friendship becomes more. Seeing them together was very sweet and I wanted them to find their so deserving HEA.

Gretchen continues to be one of my favorite characters in this series. I loved her interactions with Chelsea; I also loved seeing her looking out for her friends.

In The Billionaire Takes a Bride we also see the couples from previous books in this series and from the Billionaire Boys Club series.

I’m not usually into billionaires’ books, but I have read almost all of Jessica Clare’s billionaire books. Why? Because they are fun, sweet, quirky, they don’t have much angst and have likeable characters. That was the case of her previous books and that was the case of The Billionaire Takes a Bride.

The Billionaire Takes a Bride is a great addition to a fun series and one I recommend to contemporary romance fans or to anyone who would like to read a sweet, fun and light-hearted story. I’m looking forward to next book in the Billionaires and Bridesmaids series.

My Verdict: 4 Paws
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