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Monday, October 12, 2015

Review: Blade Dance by D.L. McDermott

Title: Blade Dance
Author: D.L. McDermott
Series: Cold Iron, book 4
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fae
Publisher: Pocket Star
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
Boston schoolteacher Ann Phillips knows better than to trust the Fae, but when one of her second graders turns up to class with both arms covered in magical tattoos, she has no choice but to turn to Finn MacUmhaill, the dangerous and charismatic Fae crime lord who controls Charlestown, for help.

Finn MacUmhaill, leader of the Fianna, has had his eye on Ann Phillips for months, but a recent showdown with an old enemy has left his house broken. Between the crippling blow dealt to the Fianna and his son’s recent defection, he hasn’t had time to woo the pretty redhead. When she turns up on his doorstep asking for his help, he thinks he’s found the way to win her, but before he can act, the child goes missing, kidnapped by a rogue Druid who has discovered the key to destroying the wall between worlds.

Now, Finn and Ann must ally themselves with an old adversary—the treacherous Prince Consort—to save the boy, or risk the destruction of the wall that keeps the corrupt Fae Queen and her Court at bay…
Blade Dance is the fourth book in the Cold Iron series by D.L. McDermott.

Finn and Ann meet in Stone Song (previous book), since that first encounter Finn hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her. It’s the same case with Ann, but she knows the last thing she needs is to get involve with a crime lord; that holds until one of her students comes to class with fresh tattoos on his arms. Ann knows the child’s father works for Finn, she also knows if somebody can help her stop this madness is him.
The last thing Finn was expecting was finding Ann at his home asking for his help. He offers to help her, not only because he likes her, but also because a rogue druid made the child’s tattoos. That’s something that him, as the fae leader of the Fianna cannot permit.
The search for the druid leads them to discover some secrets about Ann that will change her life. It also forces them to accept the Prince Consort’s help.

In previous books Finn is portrayed as a dislikable character, almost an enemy to the main characters from previous books. In Blade Dance McDermott redeems him by showing him in a different light. We learn about his difficult past and about his reasoning for his behavior. In this installment he realizes he needs to change with the times and he also realizes he needs the help of old friends to succeed in his endeavors.
I liked this new version of Finn. I think McDermott made a good job redeeming him.

Ann is a character that is very easy to like. She’s straightforward and wants what is right and just. She’s a protector at heart and will do anything to help/protect those in need. I liked how well she took the news relating to her and her smart thinking in difficult situations.

The romance between Finn and Ann was somehow lacking. They go from attraction to instalove. The only time instalove works for me is when a supernatural being finds his/her mate and this was not one of those cases. Their chemistry was off the charts, but I would have liked to see them falling in love.

In Blade Dance we see characters from previous books. We see how their relationships are going and how things are moving along in the search of a way to keep the wall -that keeps the corrupt Fae court at bay- up.  

In Blade Dance McDermott not only redeems Finn, she also shows us a different facet of the Prince Consort. A side I didn’t know he posses. Now I’m wondering if after all he has done will he be redeemable as well?

As in previous installments in Blade Dance we are introduced to the couple for next book, the Penitent and Diana Seater. The Penitent is a very intriguing character and for that reason alone I can’t wait to read his story.

Blade Dance is a nice addition to a great series. I recommend reading it as part of the series. I don’t think Blade Dance works well as a stand-alone. If you like paranormal romance with sexy and strong Fae you need to read Blade Dance and the Cold Iron series in general.

My Verdict: 3 ½ Paws
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  1. *waves* Luci is on me, I can't think

  2. I'm not a huge fan of insta-love, but I'm glad that you enjoyed the book. I think the series might be up my alley, even if the romance in this one isn't my style. They aren't all insta-love, are they?

    1. No, only this one. The series is pretty good, I think you'd like it.


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