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Friday, November 6, 2015

Review: Once Kissed by Cecy Robson

Title: Once Kissed
Author: Cecy Robson
Series: O’Brien Family, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Loveswept
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
Tough-as-steel cop Curran O’Brien is quickly rising through the ranks of the Philadelphia police department. But when his rookie partner is almost killed under his watch, Curran just wants to prove he still has what it takes to walk among Philly’s finest. So he’s pissed to be stuck on a cushy security assignment for the DA’s office . . . until he gets a good look at the sweet, straitlaced intern he’s supposed to protect—but not touch.

Tess Newart recognizes Curran instantly. How could she not? Back in college she tied this former frat boy to the bed with her argyle socks! That sizzling one-night stand was the only indiscretion Tess ever allowed herself. She has survived law school so far, despite being pushed to succeed by her overbearing father. Now that she’s interning on a major case against a ruthless crime boss, she won’t jeopardize her career by giving in to temptation again. She just never expected temptation to look so damn hot in uniform.

Tess knows her father has other plans for her, and they don’t include Curran. But soon she’s falling for him all over again. And when danger emerges, Curran will prove just how good a bad-boy cop can be.
The first thing I thought when I finished Once Kissed, first book in the O'Brien Family series by Cecy Robson was that I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. I can almost say it’s one of my favorite books written by Robson, but like I have loved all of her books I can’t be hundred percent sure. What I know is true, is that Once Kissed was pretty awesome!! This book made me feel all kinds of feelings. It made me sad, it made laugh, it made hot and, it made have hope.

I loved both Curran and Tess. My heart ached for Curran and for how responsible he must feel for what happened to his partner. Tess also stole my heart. All she has gone through and all that she has survived pained me dearly. Although her acceptance of her circumstances won’t be easy to understand for many people, as a victim of emotional abuse it was easy for me to identify with her and with her fears.

I loved Curran and Tess together because they not only accepted each other the way they were, they also made each other better without accepting any crap from the other. They both knew they have issues and they both worked on them to be better for themselves and for each other. 

Robson not only reintroduced the O’Brien siblings, she also brought characters from her Shattered Past series. It was great to see Lety and Sofia doing so well in their lives. I can’t wait to see more of all of them in books to come.

Cecy Robson’s writing is as sharp as always; with an amazing cast, a fluid pace, a well thought and perfectly executed story, Robson gifts us with another excellent novel.

If you like New Adult or contemporary romance, Once Kissed is a book you need to read. I can’t recommend it enough.
I’m looking forward to March 1st to the release of next book in the series, Once Crossed. I’m hoping it’ll be Declan’s story.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws
Other books in the series
Once Kissed
Once Crossed (March 1st, 2016)

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  1. Marcela, every now and then I read a review about one of my books that absolutely wells my eyes with tears. THIS is one of them. Thank you so much for taking the time to feature ONCE KISSED, to read and review, and for allowing these characters into your heart. Thank you also for being able to relate to the story on a personal level and sharing a piece of you with us. It's a tremendous honor to know you. Hugs!


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