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Books are my passion, I'm an bookaholic. For me there is nothing better than a good book. I love my eReader, I think is one of the best inventions ever and I usually have it with me all the time. My favorite genres are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, and anything that can make me experience a different world... I'm married to a wonderful man, who loves me and makes me laugh everyday, with him life is never boring. We have two beautiful cats Kosita aka My Princess and Ellie aka Evil Kitty. I'm a cat lover so if you love cats for sure we will get along well.

Kosita & Ellie


  1. May the magic spirit of Christmas enlighten your life!
    Best wishes,
    Carmen Stefanescu
    I've just signed to follow your blog. Mine is
    I'd be honored if you'd follow me too.
    I live in Romania, Dracula's country. We also love animals. The ten cats and one dog go along well.

  2. I love your photos/cute captions/bookcovers and more. Thank you


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